The following studies, commissioned by the British Council, provide an in-depth perspective on social enterprise in key regions and markets.

Social enterprise and higher education: 12 country and territory reports

The studies examine the benefits and challenges of partnership between higher education institutions and social enterprises in 12 countries and territories. They complement Social enterprise in a global context: the role of higher education institutions, our global report that analysed data from all 12 of these reports.

Social Enterprise in a Global Context: the role of Higher Education Institutions

This is the first major international study to examine how and why so many universities and other higher education institutions around the world are collaborating and engaging with social enterprises. 

Social Enterprise Policy Landscape in India

India has seen a rapid expansion of social enterprise activity in the past decade but this has occurred with little government support. This study with ODI and Social Enterprise UK outlines practical steps and priority areas for engagement by the social enterprise sector with India’s state and national governments.  

Social Enterprise in the UK

This handbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the UK’s thriving social enterprise sector. Packed with illuminating examples and useful links, this rich resource covers everything from ownership structures to impact measurement and from funding mechanisms to government support.  General readers and insiders alike will find it authoritative, engaging and clear. 

Think Global Trade Social - SEUK and British Council report 

Our survey with Social Enterprise UK and the World Bank (and a foreword by Prof Muhammad Yunus), explains why trade, investment and business activity are our most powerful drivers of economic and social change and why social enterprise must play an important role if we are to reduce inequality and make progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which set the world’s development agenda to 2030.

A Review of Social Enterprise Activity in the Philippines

Social enterprise is vibrant and growing in the Philippines and seems likely to have much wider impact in coming years. Find out more in this report.

Social Enterprise Landscape in Ghana

Find out why opportunities abound for social enterprise in Ghana by downloading and reading this engaging report

Exporting Social Enterprise: A survey of overseas trade by UK social enterprises

The British Council and Social Enterprise UK have teamed up to conduct the first study in the UK to specifically examine overseas trade and franchising by UK social enterprises.

What will social enterprise look like in Europe by 2020?

This study suggests that social enterprise will achieve significant scale across Europe, influencing government, charities and for-profit businesses. Download to read the full report.

Social enterprise in Vietnam

What will social enterprise look like in Vietnam over the next few years? Download to read the full report.

Social enterprise in Morocco

What is the genesis of social enterprise in Morocco? Download to read the full report.

Social enterprise in Burma

Will social enterprise in Burma be sustainable in the future? Download to read the full report.