If you’re new to international collaboration, a short-term partnership could open the door to a world of opportunities for your school. 

To make getting started even easier, you can apply to join a British Council guided partnership, where a dedicated partnership facilitator will guide you through a short-term, collaborative, curriculum-based project with an overseas partner. 

Features of guided partnerships

  • Get targeted support from an expert practitioner with first-hand experience of global learning projects
  • Apply with a simple form to get linked directly with a suitable overseas partner
  • Focus on global learning topics, such as climate change or gender equality, Modern Foreign Languages (French, German or Spanish) – or a combination of both
  • Connect with like-minded schools in the UK and another country
  • Exchange work and ideas with your partners, gain transferable skills discover new teaching approaches
  • Gain accreditation through the International School Award
  • Broaden learners’ horizons and provide exciting new learning opportunities.

How they work

Based on your application, you’ll be connected with an international partner, and work on a joint project within a wider cluster of UK and overseas schools. 

Your partnership facilitator will help you and your partner get to know each other, and will guide you along the journey of developing your project through a series of monthly webinars. They’ll complement this with guidance, professional development and help with any questions you may have. 

Once you’ve completed your project, your partnership facilitator will advise you on how to sustain your partnership and recommend tools and resources to use in the future.

Who you can partner with

You will be connected with an overseas partner school from a country in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and the Middle East and North Africa (for projects focusing on global learning themes) or Spain, Germany or France (for language-based projects). 

How to apply

Applications for 2022/23 are expected to open in autumn/winter 2022. The points below outline the application process for guidance. Please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

  • Submit a short application with some information about your school (and showing you’ve secured agreement from your school leadership)
  • Eligible schools: state-funded schools providing full-time general, vocational, technical and special needs education. Alternative provision settings are also welcome to apply
  • Only one teacher per eligible UK and overseas school can apply.