From a short-term link to reinforce a specific project, to a longer collaboration on the global learning themes, finding the right partner is the first step to a fruitful relationship. 

The British Council’s partner finding database can help you find the best fit for you, by connecting you with schools across the world all looking to start an international collaboration. 

Search our Partner Finder database

  • Access a global database of schools looking to to start an international partnership.
  • Search for a partner by country, pupil age, project theme and subject area.
  • Connect with like-minded educators around the world, all vetted before you make contact.

Considerations before finding a school partner

  • Your objectives – what do you want from the partnership? What benefits are you seeking for pupils and staff?
  • Your priorities – what type of partner are you looking for? Do you have a specific country or partnership theme in mind?
  • Your unique selling point – what you can you bring to the partnership (cultural factors, strengths in a particular curriculum area, digital expertise)?
  • Location and demographic – are you searching for a partner from a similar demographic or comparable local area?
  • Project activities – how will you work together? What type of joint activities would you like to work on? 
  • Online resources – what tools and resources do you require for communicating and working together?
  • Who will be involved – discuss your plans or ideas with senior members of staff and colleagues.