The new Language Trends 2022 report surveyed teachers at more than 1600 primary, secondary and independent schools across England about language teaching and learning.

Now marking its twentieth edition, British Council's annual Language Trends survey saw the biggest ever response rate this year, revealing language learning at schools in England is in slow recovery after Covid-19 pandemic.

Headline findings in this years report include:

  • schools are unlikely to meet Government’s EBacc target for many pupils learning a language
  • Spanish will take over French as the most popular language at GCSE by 2026 if current trends continue
  • the amount of time devoted to languages in different primary schools across the country varies, with some pupils receiving less than 30 minutes per week 
  • there has been a significant decline in international activities at primary and state secondary schools, such as partnering with a school abroad, involvement in international projects and hosting a language assistant.

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