The DICE Digital R&D Fund supported the co-development and delivery of 20 Digital Experiences, co-designed by 20 pairs of organisations known as the DICE Digital Partners. 

Detailed in the DICE Digital R&D Fund - Project Portfolio booklet available for download below, the 20 initiatives were carried out between February and June 2021 and they aimed to directly serve 2,500 people by:

  • introducing and developing new technical skills for creative social entrepreneurs
  • supporting individuals to become ‘change makers’ 
  • facilitating collaboration, co-creation and dialogue between and among artists and entrepreneurs.

True to the experimental spirit of DICE, these Digital Experiences ranged in their approach and were delivered by different types of organisations in six countries. Collectively, however, they addressed economic exclusion through creativity, enterprise and social impact.

The 20 Digital Experiences were led by and for women, young people, people disabled by society, and those otherwise excluded from economic opportunity because of race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, geography or likely some combination thereof. Ultimately ‘exclusion’ was defined by the Digital Partners.

Building communities and cultural relations online

Through the DICE Digital R&D Fund, we also co-designed a community of practice with all the Digital Partners.

This community met in seven facilitated sessions to share and learn from their experiences and expertise. Together, they explored how we foster values such as inclusion, connection, experimentation and co-design in online environments. 

This experience is helping us to build expertise for digital collaboration and convening, and explore what international cultural relations looks like online.

Case studies and report 

To capture and make the most of the learning, we also commissioned research focusing on what international cultural relations can look like online. A resulting report, called International Digital Cultural Relations, was written by Floresca Karanàsou, Principal Consultant, INTRAC, and can be accessed via the link below. 

We also commissioned artist Eileen Lemoine to produce two animated videos about two pairs of Digital Partners which we have embedded on this page.The one at the top features Derby Quad (UK) and Regional Economic Development Foundation (Indonesia); the other one focuses on The Hive Network (South Africa) and Instituto Feira Preta (Brazil). 

Additionally, Eileen produced illustrations and graphic stories about four of the other Digital Experiences, and these are included in the International Digital Cultural Relations report . Below are also links to two of them -- between Music Ally (UK) and Simsara (Egypt), and between Hatch Ideas Worldwide (UK) and Instituto Vereda (Brazil).

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