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Social and creative entrepreneurs attended a unique retreat in Egypt to develop their ideas, build their skills and enhance their investment readiness as part of a DICE supported collaboration between El Rehla of Egypt and UK-based Impact Collective ©

Courtesy of El Rehla

The British Council offered Collaboration Grants through a £2m DICE Fund to 28 UK-based intermediary organisations and their partner organisation in one of the other DICE countries (Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and South Africa).

These intermediary organisations include creative and social enterprises, accelerators, impact hubs and higher education institutions.

Together, the partners co-designed and co-delivered projects to support creative and social enterprises and nurture entrepreneurs seeking to help reduce economic and social exclusion, notably for women, youth, and people with disabilities. As the projects wrapped up in March 2020, DICE decided to tell their stories and the impact they created in these five countries and beyond. 

From July 2020 to March 2021, we are showcasing all 28 of these Collaboration projects through a series of case study articles and in a webinar series designed to explore collaborations and support efforts by impact focused enterprises seeking to promote hope, healling and action at a time of profound change. Find these by clicking on the links below. 

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