In Egypt, DICE Collaboration Grants were awarded to five intermediary organisations and their respective partner organisations in the UK.

Each of these pairs of DICE Collaborators drew on the grants to co-design and implement initiatives aiming to reduce economic and social exclusion by supporting creative and social enterprises that seek to reduce gender inequality, youth unemployment and other barriers to opportunity.  

The organisations which received these grants are: 

  • Ashoka Arab World (Egypt) and Red Ochre (UK)
    Ashoka and Red Ochre came together to design a challenge which would bolster the self confidence and leadership capacities of young Egyptian women and equip them with skills and expertise to turn their dreams of social change into reality. 
  • Yadawee (Egypt) and Alfanar (UK)
    This project worked with "clusters" of artisans specialising in traditional crafts such as kilim rugs, scarves and baskets. It combined training in areas such as product development, marketing and business management with market building support to enable the artisans to enhance their business operations, connect with consumers overseas and bolster their incomes.
  • Positive Planet International - PPI (Egypt) and Asfar (UK)
    Positive Planet was designed to help create a favourable, sustainable, and gender balanced eco-system for social and creative enterprises by raising awareness about the opportunities such enterprises can offer and by providing entrepreneurship training to women and youth in one of the poorest areas of Egypt. 
  • El Rehla (Egypt) and The Impact Collective (UK)
    This project aimed to accelerate the growth of Egypt’s social enterprise scene through a nationwide initiative to promote impact investment. It did this by building links between educators, social entrepreneurs and investors through ‘unconventional networking’ to build understanding and connections between and within these groups. 
  • Waqfeyat Al-Maadi - WMCF (Egypt) and Youth Bank International (UK)
    This project sought to empower young people, especially young women, to develop income-generating enterprises aiming to solve social problems. In addition to providing training and mentoring, it offered access to wider national and international networks and solutions to generate seed funding for their ventures. 

Find out more about these creative and inspirational projects in the case studies below.

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