The £2 million DICE Fund offers grants to support the development of creative and social enterprises through partnerships between UK organisations and counterparts in Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and South Africa  ©

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The DICE Fund awarded £2 million in grants to support the growth of creative and social enterprise in Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa and the UK. 

The DICE Fund is part of the wider DICE programme which was set up to tackle entrenched issues of unemployment and unequal economic growth in these six countries. 

Two types of grants are awarded through the DICE Fund: Scoping and Business Development Grants and Collaboration Grants. Applications for both types of grants are now closed.

These grants are jointly awarded to partnerships comprising a UK-based organisation and a partner in another DICE country. The partners draw on the grants to co-design and co-deliver interventions that support the development of creative and social enterprises that specifically aim to:

  • empower women and girls; 
  • foster youth employment; and/or
  • promote the inclusion and economic empowerment of disabled people or other marginalised groups. 

Read about the DICE Collaboration projects via the links below. 

DICE Webinars

From Aug 2020 to Feb 2021, please join monthly DICE webinars co-hosted by impact-focussed organisations that have received DICE Collaboration Grants. Interactive, honest, and broad-minded, these conversations are a chance to share ideas and discuss topics of importance with other changemakers on topics ranging from collaboration and competition to finding a common voice and harnessing local resources.

About the Collaboration Grant

Applications for Collaboration Grants are closed.

What: Jointly awarded to UK and partner country organisations to co-develop initiatives that will strengthen creative and social enterprises in one of five countries. 
Value: £20,000 - £85,000
Who can apply: UK organisations jointly with international partners (from one of the five overseas DICE countries)
Location of intervention: one of five partner countries (Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan or South Africa)

Collaboration Grants are jointly awarded to organisations in Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and South Africa working in partnership with a UK organisation to deliver interventions that they have co-developed. 

These interventions are expected to last 12-15 months and be delivered in one of the five overseas DICE countries. They must aim to strengthen creative and social enterprises that specifically focus on empowering women and girls, fostering youth employment, supporting people with disabilities, and/or engaging other marginalised groups. 

Applications for the Collaboration Grants are now closed

All applications must be developed, drafted and submitted jointly by the two partner organisations, one of which must be based in the UK and the other in one of the five designated countries. 

The UK applicant need not have previously secured a Scoping and Business Development Grant to be eligible for a Collaboration Grant.

The value of the Collaboration Grants ranges between £20,000 – £85,000 with the amount jointly awarded to the two organisations. 

Applications should be prepared and submitted by the partner organisations.

Join our DICE LinkedIn group, webinars and 'virtual clinics'

In order to foster connections and discussion between prospective applicants in the UK and in the other DICE countries the following opportunities are available: 

DICE LinkedIn Group
Please contact DICEteam@britishcouncil.org to join this group or search for ‘British Council - DICE - Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies’ on LinkedIn and ask to join. 

One for each DICE country to provide prospective applicants in both countries an opportunity to learn more about DICE and the Collaboration Grants and connect with colleagues overseas.  These webinars will be held on Zoom and the link to join will be provided on the DICE LinkedIn group before each webinar.

  • South Africa: Tuesday, 9 October 2018, 10.30 UK time / 11.30 South Africa time
  • Indonesia: Wednesday, 10 October 2018, 10.30 UK time / 16.30 Indonesia time
  • Brazil: Wednesday, 10 October 2018, 9.00 São Paulo, Brazil / 13.00 UK time
  • Pakistan: Wednesday 17 October 2018, 10.00 UK time / 14.00 Pakistan time Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/142900611
  • Egypt: Monday, 22 October 2018, 13.00 UK time / 14.00 Cairo time 

DICE weekly drop-in virtual clinics
Information sessions to ask any additional questions you may have about the Fund and application process. Please note bespoke support about your organisation’s eligibility and application will not be provided. These clinics will be held as a series of webinars on the Zoom platform at the times below. 

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