English Impact provides robust policy-relevant data evidencing English language capability in Uzbekistan. The concept of capability is characterised by an understanding of both current achievement and future opportunity in English language learning, captured within a multi-dimensional profile. English Impact research combines information about the current English language proficiency of a targeted sample of students from the publicly funded school sector, with in-depth analysis of the language learning experiences in and outside the classroom of these students, plus their language learning motivations. To ensure that the data collected by English Impact Uzbekistan can be used to inform and support education system and policy development, the British Council worked in collaboration with the Ministry of Education tailoring the research to meet local needs. This research is underpinned by the British Council’s Royal Charter and charitable objective to develop a wider knowledge of the English language and it looks to build upon the organisation’s rich heritage of global English language research. The research was carried out by the British Council, with contributions from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and the University of Bath.