After the EALTA-UKALTA Symposium The CEFR: a road map for future research and development, hosted by the British Council in London in February 2020, a small steering group was convened to revisit the Manual for Relating Language Examinations to the CEFR (Council of Europe, 2009) and to explore options for replacing it with a handbook that would take account of the CEFR CV, focusing not just on testing and assessment, and addressing a wide range of stakeholders. This steering group included key participants in the February symposium representing a range of organisations: Neus Figueras (EALTA), Barry O’Sullivan (British Council), Nick Saville (ALTE), Lynda Taylor (UKALTA), and David Little, with his extensive knowledge of the Council of Europe.

This Handbook has been prepared for those who are teaching, testing and developing materials in language education, to inform and suggest ways to help undertake a practical or applied CEFR alignment exercise. It also serves stakeholders concerned with education policy matters and decision-making. 

You can find both the Handbook as well as the accompanying CEFR Alignment Editable Forms for download below.

The Handbook (2022) is published jointly by ALTE, EALTA, UKALTA and the British Council.