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The Study UK: Discover You campaign is designed to promote the benefits of UK education internationally and support the objectives of UK universities. The campaign is led and delivered by the British Council as a key element of the UK Government’s GREAT Britain Campaign to promote the UK as a destination for study, tourism and business.

Our aim is that UK higher education becomes the first choice for international students. The campaign showcases a united, open, outward-looking UK higher education sector that is respected and thriving on the world stage, supporting jobs and the economy in the UK. 

The campaign is stronger if we can build visibility among our partners and stakeholders.

Strategic priorities for 2018/19

  • To position UK as preferred study destination for international students
  • To increase student awareness and engagement in UK education
  • Drive up capacity building and economic potential in key markets.
  • To increase engagement with the UK HE sector, alumni and agents and counsellors

New University Finder search tool

The University Finder search tool has now been launched on the Study UK website.

The search tool allows users to select study subjects, level of study and institution type, and find universities or colleges that teach their chosen subjects. 

Data for institution entries is populated from their profiles and subject matrix that exist on the International Education Services website. The data accumulated through the search tool will give us direct insight into the student journey and the ways Study UK campaign helps generate leads for your institutions.

New campaign assets

View our new campaign assets which include:

  1. Our latest narrative giving you an overview of the campaign (please see document at the bottom of this page)
  2. Instagram takeover – sign up and take over the Study UK Instagram for a day (please see document at the bottom of this page)

Alumni Awards 2019

Celebrating the outstanding success stories of UK HEIs’ top alumni. Nominations and applications are now open. Visit the Study UK Alumni Awards website to find out more.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses):

  1. Study UK: Learn online with a UK university – choose from over 200 courses from 34 UK universities (launches on Monday 1 October 2018)
  2. Study UK: Prepare to study and live in the UK – looking at academic readiness and what is expected of students familiarising students when they arrive at university in the UK
  3. Study UK: A guide for education agents and counsellors – advice on UK education system for students’ counsellors (launches Monday 12 November 2018)

Campaign achievements

A digitally-led campaign

Supported by face-to-face engagement that takes advantage of the vast network of British Council offices and their activity around the world. This integrated approach helps to build awareness and preference for a UK education and provides support for students and their parents throughout their journey from school to employment. High-performing stats for the period 2017-18 include: 

  • 3.8 million unique visitors to the Study UK website 
  • 6.1 million social media actions 
  • 1m video views
  • 65k newsletter sign-ups 
  • 118k referrals to UCAS and Prospect course search 

Brand recognition

Initial results show the campaign has been highly effective in reaching and engaging potential international students and has improved perceptions of the UK higher education offer.  A survey of potential international higher education students in April 2017 showed that:  

  • Sixty-eight per cent of potential international students in China, India, Malaysia, Nigeria and USA recalled seeing the social media advertising
  • Nine out of ten of those reported taking some action as a result of contact with the Study UK campaign. 

Supporting academic excellence

We will be supporting academic excellence with the GREAT Scholarship scheme. For 2018 intake, the following is planned:

  •   India - 52 participating HEIs with 251 post-graduate scholarships on offer
  •   China - 31 participating UK HEIs with 150 undergraduate and post-graduate scholarships on offer

Representation across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Showcasing the value of a UK education

The Study UK Alumni Awards is the GREAT/British Council’s flagship global alumni campaign, established in 2014 with UK higher education institutions, and reaching an audience of more than 100 million each year.

The Alumni Awards celebrate and showcase the value of a UK education, and its impact upon individuals, communities, industries and nations. The Alumni Awards are delivered in partnership with more than 140 UK universities and more than 120 countries

Digital innovation

In 2017 we launched #StudyUKLive Facebook series that brings the UK education experience to life and connects prospective students with UK higher education institutions.

The first four shows have reached more than 1m people with over 350,000 video views and over 5,600 engagements.  

More information

If you are looking for information about our services for UK education providers please visit IES website.

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