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The Turing Scheme is the UK government’s global programme to study and work abroad. The scheme provides funding for international opportunities in education and training across the world. 

Supporting the government’s Global Britain objectives, the Turing Scheme unlocks the opportunity for UK higher education institutions to offer life-changing experiences across the world for their students.

Funding is open to UK and British Overseas Territories organisations from across the education and training sector through higher education projects. Eligible organisations can apply for funding through the Turing Scheme for projects that offer the opportunity to study or gain work experience abroad for the 2021-22 academic year.  

Higher education (HE) funding can give your students the life-changing opportunity to study and work abroad. For your institution, it is an opportunity to develop your partnerships and international links. For a participant, it is an opportunity to gain international experience that will benefit them personally and academically and improve their CVs. 

Find out more about the different types of activities you can apply for, who is eligible to take part and how to start your HE application by visiting the Turing Scheme website.


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