The image consists of an indigo trapezoid on a turquoise background. Within the trapezoid, the British Council logo is in the top left. Under the logo reads "Alumni UK." Next to this reads "Connect, learn, share and grow. The global networking community #AlumniUK".

The global network for people from around the world who have studied in the UK as an overseas student. 

Alumni UK is the largest global network for international UK alumni, connecting people from around the world who have studied in the UK. Nearly 500,000 overseas students chose to study in the UK in 2019, making the UK the second most popular destination worldwide. More than one in four heads of states or governments in countries around the world was educated in the UK. The British Council has a long history of working with international UK alumni and is proud to expand this work. 

Launched by the British Council in 2022, Alumni UK brings together international UK alumni from around the world to grow their global professional network, continue learning and share their experience and expertise. By joining Alumni UK, individuals gain access to exclusive resources to develop their careers and opportunities to help them succeed. This unique online community is a place where people can celebrate their connection to the UK and keep up to date with UK culture and the English language.

Alumni UK seeks to:

  • build a large, vibrant, and valuable global network of international UK alumni
  • create long term relationships with international UK alumni and foster their connection to the UK
  • empower alumni with the skills, knowledge and experiences to access new opportunities and excel in their careers 
  • bring alumni together to work collaboratively on addressing global challenges.

 Alumni UK delivers online engagement activities, training and events for international UK alumni to join wherever they are in the world. As well as our online engagement activities, Alumni UK delivers in-person engagement events in at least 25 countries around the world.

Eligibility to join Alumni UK

All international UK alumni from any UK university, on any course, in any year are encouraged to join. You need to have spent at least one term at a UK higher education institution enrolled on a credit-bearing course. This includes transnational or online education.



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