Training for agents

 There are two levels of training:

British Council Foundation Certificate for Agents

  • Online delivery over 8 study weeks
  • includes self assessment tests 
  • assessed by a formal written exam and professional development record

About the course:

  • UK education and training system; courses and qualifications
  • Quality assurance
  • Benefits of studying and living in the UK
  • Lifestyle – travel, accommodation, living costs, welfare
  • Course fees and scholarships
  • UK application procedures, entry requirements, visas and immigration


  • Recognition of commitment to quality and professionalism
  • Quality of qualification acknowledged amongst UK education institutions 
  • Certificate to evidence successful completion  
  • Public listing on the British Council trained agents list

Am I eligible?

To apply you’ll need:

  • To have agreements in place with at least two UK education institutions on the Register of Sponsors or an accredited language school.

This qualification is valid for a period of two years and the certificate is provided to the individual. Reissue is dependent on evidence of participation in continuing professional development activity through the advanced professional development route, the British Council Advanced Certificate.

We recommend that applicants for whom English is a second language have achieved a level equivalent to IELTS 5.5

British Council Advanced Certificate for Agents

This is a portfolio based qualification that plans and tracks professional development on an on-going basis, emphasising professionalism, ethical behaviour, excellence in support and service provision.

About the course

The training provides a certificated qualification for education agents, counsellors and consultants who have successfully completed the Education UK Certificate training within the last 2 years, and have several years’ experience as a practitioner. The knowledge-base of agents as professionals, and of the education sectors in which they operate, continually changes. The British Council recognises that committed professionals constantly strive to update their knowledge and adapt to the changing environment through continuing professional development.

  • Unit 1 introduces and develops knowledge and understanding of continual professional development, and guides and supports you in defining your role and planning your development. 
  • Unit 2 contains important information and guidance on recording your professional development activities, portfolio requirements, rules and regulations for completion and submission. 

A minimum of 35 hours CPD must be covered and have to include the following areas:

  • Education sector knowledge 
  • Life in the UK
  • Visas and immigration
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Professionalism and ethics

Benefits of the course

  • Access to/recognition of ongoing professional development with the British Council
  • Achieve advanced agent status
  • Continued listing on the British Council Trained Agent List
  • Increased international recognition


Want to apply?

Email us ( to find out more about our online course which is managed in local offices.

Global Agents Training Schedule

Country Start Date 
Foundation Certificate  
Azerbaijan 20.11.16
Bahrain 16.08.2016 
Bangladesh 21.08.2016
China 08.08.2016
Nigeria 12.09.2016
Thailand 03.10.2016
UAE 02.10.2016
Turkey 31.10.2016
Ukraine 17.10.2016
South Korea 15.01.2017
Germany 28.10.2016
China 19.12.2016
Jordan 10.12.2016
Ukraine 15.01.2017
Indonesia 16.01.2017
Russia 13.02.2017
Advanced Certificate  
UAE 02.10.2016
Sri Lanka 10.01.2017
Ukraine 16.03.2017
Thailand 09.01.2017

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