female artist playing instrument
Percussionist Kasiva looks to Rabai for her queue to add to the live score.  ©


Now in its 25th year, the European Film Festival in Nairobi explored the theme of ‘Integration’, speaking to recent immigrants into the European Union mostly stirred by conflict in Syria. 

As part of the festival, and to mark the British Council’s global programme of events celebrating Shakespeare’s work on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his death, we screened Dave Brubeck’s 1961 film All night Long, an updated version of Shakespeare's’ Othello. 

All Night Long features onscreen appearances by jazz legends Charles Mingus and Tubby Haynes in London and alludes to the racial politics the sensational 1960s jazz scene. 

For the premiere event, Kenyan saxophonist, Rabai, and percussionist, Kasiva Mutua, improvised a performance during the screening adding unforgettable rhythm to the film.

Musicians were invited to the screening and the Jam session. Several artists brought their instruments and had a vibrant session led by Kasiva and Rabai.

Highlights from the premiere screening:

shakespeare quote
“And, most actors, eat no onions or garlic, for we are to utter sweet breath.” - Shakespeare, A midsummer night’s dream. ©


young artist playing instrument
On screen Johnny's plotting begins. Rabai & Kasiva add to the suspense with their musical accompaniment. ©


Rabai playing instrument
Rabai takes the lead on the saxophone ©


band of four playing instruments
After the screening Kasiva and Rabai lead a Jam session with other musicians. ©


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