On 9 September, the British Council hosted the launch panel of the Global Youth Letter.

Rushati Mukherjee, Advisory Board Member of Future News Worldwide chaired the online panel discussion.

The panel featured the following expert speakers:

  • Benjamin Bowman, Lecturer at the Manchester Centre for Youth Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University   
  • Ezedin Kamil, Founder and CEO, Icon Africa; Finalist of the British Council #DestinationZero Climate Innovation Challenge in 2021   
  • Heeta Lakhani, YOUNGO Global Focal Point   
  • Jouja Maamri, Director of Climate Philanthropy, Impatience Earth
  • Anam Zeb, Co Founder, Climate Action Pakistan; Assistant Manager, Ecologist, NDRMF

COP26 President Designate Alok Sharma recorded a speech about the young people's ambitions for COP26 through improved education and training. He highlighted the important role that young people can play in engaging climate action.

'Young people are vital in the fight against climate change.'  —Alok Sharma, COP26 President Designate

Watch COP26 President Designate Alok Sharma's speech video for the event below.

Global Youth Letter launch panel
Rushati Mukherjee (top left), Advisory Board Member of Future News Worldwide; Jouja Maamri (top right), Director of Climate Philanthropy, Impatience Earth; (bottom from left to right) Benjamin Bowman, Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University; Heeta Lakhani, YOUNGO Global Focal Point; Anam Zeb, Co Founder, Climate Action Pakistan; Ezedin Kamil, panellist, Founder and CEO, Icon Africa

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