26 May 2023:

THE BRITISH COUNCIL and FASHION SCOUT are proud to announce the launch of WOOOOHOOOO Zine

Following the success of Creative DNA: Africa, a London Fashion Week installation and a jam-packed creative residency programme, the British Council and Fashion Scout are now proud to present WOOOOHOOOO zine. 

Powered by the shared goal of expanding creativity across the continent and the power of collaborations, WOOOOHOOOO  documents the trailblazing intersection between UK creatives and Sub-Saharan African designers from Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. The zine explores these cross-cultural interactions and celebrates the vision of a future together through the eyes and fashion of Sub-Saharan African designers. 

WOOOOHOOOO represents the breath of energy of the Creative DNA: Africa programme, the creative power of the seven emerging designers and their residency during London Fashion Week.

For Fashion Scout’s founders, Billie & Martyn Roberts and their creative team it was important to capture this energy alongside the highly spirited vibrancy of London’s fashion scene. 

The designers maximised their time as they explored new networks, met designers alike and shared experiences, attended fashion shows, workshops and soaked up what London has to offer. 

The week culminated in a group installation at Fashion Scout’s LFW space at Protein Studios, as we collaborated with two renowned London talents, neon artist Eve de Haan of Half A Roast Chicken, and Bevan Agyemang, stylist, photographer and designer behind The Space Around Us (TSAU). Agyemang then captured this energy through a photoshoot which provides visuals for the Zine. The power of collaboration expanded further by the zine’s written word of Helen Jennings, co-founder and editorial director of Nataal magazine and overall wizard with words and African fashion expert.


Creative DNA: Africa, an exciting new cultural programme, features seven leading and sustainable designers from across Sub-Saharan Africa who travelled to London for a London Fashion Week residency in February 2023. This British Council project in partnership with Fashion Scout, gave the opportunity to designers to deepen connections and create new collaborations between creatives from the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as showcasing their work through an installation during LFW. 

Highlighting seven innovative designers from seven countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe the programme enabled them to gain better knowledge of the UK fashion industry, create networks and introduce themselves and their work internationally. Over their weeklong residency the designers will have the opportunity to visit designer studios, workshops, fashion shows and retail giving them the opportunity to expand on their networks and explore possible collaboration opportunities and business growth.

INSTALLATION: Curated by Fashion Scout, the residency culminates with an installation, featuring the designers works, and exhibition at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week (16th – 19th February). Titled Afrofuturism in collaboration with artist “Half A Roast Chicken” as well as stylist “TSAU". 

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