There are many reasons to get involved in the International School Award.

If implemented, the programme benefits the entire school, including its teachers and pupils, as well as the potential to create positive ripples in the wider community.

What you gain:

  • access to development courses through the British Council,
  • an increased profile and role in introducing internationalism in your school,
  • an invite to an award ceremony in London if you have achieved the Accreditation level.

Pupils will develop:

  • an increased knowledge, awareness and tolerance about other countries, cultures and languages,
  • confidence in communicating with people from different backgrounds,
  • more skills to successfully live and work in a global and mobile society,
  • literacy skills when writing stories and letters for specifics audiences
  • students begin to develop confidence with their foreign language skills.

Benefits for the school:

  • an increased profile of the school in the local community, making it more attractive for prospective parents and teachers.
  • providing an extra dimension to student's learning and development which other schools may not offer.
  • creating important links with schools abroad to exchange knowledge and skills.