The International School Award rewards schools that have shown a commitment to embedding international awareness and understanding within their class or school. 

We encourage this by supporting schools in completing collaborative, curriculum-based work with a number of international partner schools, involvement of the wider community.

As your International School Award journey continues, you will learn of new ways to develop and embed international education in your school.

The International School Award is available in 16 countries and is well-regarded by school inspection bodies and ministries of education globally. 

What is the award?

What you receive for completing the International School Award varies depending on the level you have achieved.

All receive:

  • a certificate of achievement,
  • expert feedback and guidance on improving and sustaining your international work.

Schools awarded top-level Accreditation also receive:

  • an award logo to display on your school website and communications,
  • media packs to help raise awareness of your school's international work,
  • branded ISA flag and plaque.

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