Weaving together the knowledge and insight of a unique global network of experts in international education, alongside connections with prospective and recently graduated international students, this research identifies pertinent global trends for the student experience components of international tertiary education.  

Using ‘scenarios planning’ techniques, this report presents three scenarios of what the future of international tertiary education may look like, with the aim of sparking a discussion to consider the direction international tertiary education is taking, the likely future scenarios we will face, and how to prepare for these situations.  

This is not a definite prediction of the future, but picture of what we are likely to face. We invite you to consider each scenario: do the features of these seem likely to you?  As a global community, are we heading in the direction of the scenario you see as most desirable? Will your institution, your country, your region be prepared for this likely future?  What steps do we need to take to ensure we are on track to a more desirable future, and better prepared for the most likely future?