Hope, Healing and Action - Global Gatherings with Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Are you inspired to make positive change in your community? Do you work for, run, or support a creative or social enterprise that delivers a social impact? Are you interested in exploring challenges, opportunities and experiences with changemakers from around the world? 

If so, we invite you to join this series of LIVE conversations about reducing inequalities, collaborating across borders and oceans, and operating impact-focussed enterprises at a time of profound change. 

By and for creatives, entrepreneurs and those who support them

These free, monthly live events are co-hosted by impact-focussed organisations collectively known as the DICE Collaborators. Based in Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and South Africa and the UK, the Collaborators were supported through the Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies (DICE) programme. Learn more about them below.

These webinars are aimed at creative and social entrepreneurs, accelerators, hub managers and artists, as well as the policymakers, investors, and other “ecosystem builders” that help facilitate their growth. We also welcome young people who hope to become impact entrepreneurs. 

In delivering the webinars, the Collaborators will draw on their experience of collaborating across borders to address challenges such as youth unemployment, environmental catastrophe, disability rights, and gender inequality in local communities.  

What can you expect? 

Interactive, honest, and broad-minded, these conversations will be a chance to discuss topics of importance to so many creative and social entrepreneurs and share your ideas with other changemakers. Designed to promote hope, healing and humanity, this conversation series kicks off on 4 August 2020. 

To register for the upcoming webinars, click on their titles below. 



How to collaborate across cultures, sectors, competitors and oceans -- a Gameshow Experience!

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04 August 2020

From Brazilian sunrise to Indonesian sunset: the power of Local Solutions to Big Problems

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01 September 2020

Equality, Impact and Entrepreneurship: a conversation with female entrepreneurs on the intersections of gender, class and race in social business

Watch the recording: Part 1 Part 2

07 October 2020

Creativity in Action: how we create, and move from idea to execution, in business and in art

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03 November 2020

Finding a common voice, building a common vision

Watch the recording: Part 1 Part 2 

Watch the recordings from the breakout rooms: Room 1 Room 2

01 December 2020

Toolkits for change: practical and free materials to ensure your enterprise leaves our world better than we found it 

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26 January 2021

Confidence and self-doubt 

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23 February 2021

'Gambiarra' ('The art of making do') and adaptation (Registration via MS Forms)

24 March 2021

About the DICE Collaborators and case studies 

The British Council offered Collaboration Grants through a £2m DICE Fund to 28 UK-based intermediary organisations and their partner organisation in one of the other DICE countries (Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and South Africa.

These intermediary organisations include creative and social enterprises, accelerators, impact hubs and higher education institutions.

Together, the partners co-designed and co-delivered projects to support creative and social enterprises focussing on addressing gender inequality, youth unemployment and disability rights. As the projects wrapped up in March 2020, DICE decided to tell their stories and the impact they created in these five countries and beyond. 

From July 2020 to February 2021, we will showcase all 28 of these Collaboration projects through a series of case study articles.  Find these by clicking on the links below.

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