We are pleased to announce the selection of 12 Artists as part of the New Narratives Artist commission.

We will commission each selected artist with the sum of five thousand pounds (5,000 GBP) for the interpretation and dissemination of the New Narratives research through their various art forms.

Selected artists are from the UK, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Kenya.

Read their project concepts below.


Meet the selected Artists!

Jane Efagwu

Country: Nigeria

Project title: The Nigerian Dream 

Concept: This mixed documentary will focus on the growing social trend of emigration in the Nigerian society with references to communication patterns, pop culture, poor government policies/practices, lockdown, and post-lockdown effects amongst others to develop a holistic view to understand what the trend means for Nigeria and the many countries where emigrated Nigerians immigrate to, like the UK.

Ara Devine

Country: Northern Ireland

Working title: The New Northern Ireland: Reframing the Other

Concept: Exploring the narratives that shape youth’s perceptions of Northern Ireland and Africa to convey the changing landscape of a society attempting to move away from its binary identity.

Emmanuel Thuranira

Country: Kenya

Project title: RIBA ZETU: A new youth narrative in Kenya

Concept: Through a visual arts presentation, the project will interact with the young people in Kenya and have an open, progressive, and diverse dialogue about the New Narrative report.

Khotso Sibanda

Country: Zimbabwe

Project title: Bridging the Gap

Concept: Exploring British-Zimbabwean relations, misconceptions, and prejudices through the lens of romantic love between the Zimbabwean and British characters of a fictional play titled 'Dumelang from the Other Side'; as well as real-life examples of couples in a documentary titled 'Kaleidoscope'.

Nelson Nartey

Country: Ghana

Project title: Identity Cocktail

Concept: The New Narratives report interpreted through storytelling from the lens of an African cultural setting with characters who have been exposed to the varying cultures of other nations.

Caitlin Magnall-Kearns

Country: Northern Ireland

Project title: Home/Away

Concept: Theatre - Two monologues from the perspectives of two young women from opposite sides of the world, as they send video messages reflecting on the preconceptions and realities, both good and bad, about the place they call home.

Zelalem Teferi Shibeshi

Country: Ethiopia

Project title: Theatre and youth

Concept: Using the language of theatre to mould the narratives of young people in countries of Africa and the UK.



Fatima-azahra Rhaffar

Country: Morocco

Project title: "الرائدة" "The Pioneer" "La pionnière"

Concept:  A series breaking the stereotypes surrounding Moroccan women in mainstream media and portraying them in a new light: strong, independent role models, who can inspire young women, and serve as a new narrative.

Omoyefe Majoroh

Country: Nigeria

Project title: The Exchange

Concept: A 3D animation that explores the exchange of culture between a group of young people in Africa and the UK.


Soonest Nathaniel

Country: Nigeria

Project title: Rebirth – Burying the Ghosts of Dead Narratives

Concept: Using poetry and feature articles, this project seeks to birth alternative stories aimed at repositioning Nigeria by exploring the positives of her relationship with the United Kingdom.


We can't wait to see the outcome of each project!