This is an interesting opportunity for a UK-based organisation working in the cultural and creative industries, interested in shifting narratives of Africa and the UK, working with young storytellers, and doing exciting and rewarding work. 


New Narratives builds new, reciprocal knowledge, and facilitates new and stronger connections between young people across the countries of Africa and the UK. This is done through a series of online and offline activities that stimulate mutually beneficial collaborations and relationships in arts, culture, and education, as well as economic benefits for both Africa and the UK. 

Last year, we flagged off our Artist Commission which commissioned 12 creatives from countries in Africa and the UK to reproduce and interpret the New Narrative research through multi artforms and disseminate to their audience.

The goal of the Artist Commission was to:

  • democratise the New Narratives Research, by making it more accessible to young people through creative expressions and interpretations
  • increase awareness of the New Narratives Programme amongst young people in countries of Africa and the UK
  • increase the programme reach by leveraging the network of commissioned artist


As part of our programme, we are launching a content commission targeted at young creatives aged 18-35, in countries in Africa (SSA & MENA) and the UK. The content commission will award grants to creatives to:

  • explore thematic areas of the New Narratives Programme
  • explore new narratives of countries in Africa and the UK; and 
  • create content that speaks to the Programme. 

Content creation technique could involve research that further explore the new narratives research, Interview series with exceptional people in countries of Africa and the UK, reimagining folktales, photography, etc.

Content output can include but should not be limited to podcasts, essays, documentaries, short films, nonfiction pieces, creative art, art exhibitions, and curations, poetry, animation, illustrations, etc. with a focus on amplifying new narratives or demystifying existing myths and stereotypes, short documentaries with a focus on showcasing new stories of countries of Africa.

The purpose of the Content Commission is to:

  • increase the programme's visibility among young people in countries in Africa and the UK
  • increase youth engagement and participation in the New Narratives Programme 
  • broker relationships between young creatives and content creators across this programme 
  • democratise the New Narratives programme by creating easily accessible and consumable content 
  • amplify and platform new voices and plural narratives, and showcase new stories, opinions, and art

The expected outcomes from work are:

  • increased visibility of the New Narratives content commission amongst young people in the UK
  • commissioned contents from diverse artists (and artforms) from the UK that will form part of the New Narratives content repository
  • increased digital footprint and engagement for the New Narratives amongst our young audience through multi-platform publishing of works credited to the British Council
  • produce and commission contents that debunk myths and stereotypes contributing to shifting narratives and perceptions of Africa and the UK

Eligible countries:

UK - England, Northern Island, Scotland, Wales 

We are seeking applications from UK-based organisations with a good track record of delivering creative projects and an excellent network in the cultural and creative industry.