APTIS-GEPT Test Comparison Study
Rachel Yi-fen Wu, Hsin-yi Yeh, Jamie Dunlea and Richard Spiby. APTIS-GEPT Test Comparison Study: Looking at two Tests from Multi- Perspectives using The socio- Cognitive Model.

Rachel Yi-fen Wu, Hsin-yi Yeh, Jamie Dunlea, Richard Spiby. This present study investigates the comparability of Aptis, an English language assessment system developed by the British Council, with the GEPT (General English Proficiency Test), one of the most widely used English language tests in Taiwan. 

To gather cross-test comparability evidence, both quantitative analysis of test-takers’ scores on Aptis and the GEPT, and qualitative analysis of the textual features of the two tests were performed through CTT analyses, automated textual analyses, and expert judgment. Data were collected from 144 GEPT test-takers who had taken the Elementary, Intermediate, High-intermediate, or Advanced level of the test (equivalent to CEFR A2, B1, B2, and C1 respectively) within a six-month period before the administration of the Aptis test.