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2020 National Awards and National Conference

Teachers from across all four regions of the UK came together on Friday 27 November to celebrate the 15th annual British Council eTwinning National awards, which was held for the first time online.

Educators from across the UK had joined the 2020 annual conference remotely throughout November, to benefit from seven professional development workshops focusing on the annual theme of ‘climate change and environmental challenges’. The finale evening was celebrated online with an awards ceremony to recognise and award international school projects. The annual conference  spanned International Education Week, where British Council Schools ambassadors presented their multi-lateral climate change projects and shared the pedagogical benefits of international, collaborative projects with other teachers who joined from every continent across the world (except Antarctica).

The awards recognise outstanding international projects led by UK schools throughout the 2019-20 academic year.

To secure the award, schools worked in partnership with partner schools from other countries to create a project using digital collaborative tools. The below projects scored highly against each criteria of the below eTwinning pedagogical framework.

  • Pedagogical innovation 
  • Curricular integration 
  • Communication and exchange between partner schools
  • Collaboration between partner schools
  • Use of technology
  • Results, impact and documentation


Project of the year 2020 went to teachers from across the UK for the project 'Hands of The World Can You SEE What We SAY', which involved over 30 schools from across the world. The project focuses on the use of music and Makaton to preserve pupils linguistic identities and to develop an understanding and awareness of other languages and cultures. 

Teachers: Elaine Manton - Loreto Grammar School, North West England, Eleanor Figures - Dunbarney Primary School, Eastern Scotland, Jennifer Gillespie - Victoria Park Primary, North Eastern Scotland, Ruth Sanders - Ysgol Hendrefelin, West Wales and The Valleys, Sharon Tonner-Saunders - University of Dundee, Eastern Scotland. 
eTwinning project: Hands of The World Can You SEE What We SAY 


Teachers and schools: Maria Papazoglou - Whitefield Schools and Centre, London and Maria Preftitsi - The Brook Special Primary School, London.
eTwinning project:"Oceans SOS".

Teachers:  Isabel Archbold and Susan Coontz.  
School: Wellington School, South Western Scotland. 
eTwinning project: 30 Days 30 Challenges

Teacher: Joanna Black 
School:  St Denis Primary School, South Western Scotland 
eTwinning project: A light on the sea 

Teacher: Anna Grainger 
School: Alderman's Green Community Primary School, West Midlands 
eTwinning project:Black and White 

Teacher: Valentina Burley 
School: Tendring Technology College, East of England 
eTwinning project: A day without your mobile phone 

Teacher: Valentina Burley 
School: Tendring Technology College, East of England 
eTwinning project: Let’s interact by making maps! 

Teachers and schools: Claire Mackay - St Rose of Lima Primary School, South Western Scotland Kirsten Barrett- St Maria Goretti Primary RC School, South Western Scotland 
eTwinning project:More than just play 

Teacher: Patrick Carroll 
School: Shaw Wood Academy, Yorkshire and the Humber 
eTwinning project:SNOPP 

Teacher: Tracy Cockram 
School: Gipsey Bridge Academy, East Midlands 
eTwinning project: The Fantastic Blue 

Teachers and schools:  Angela Farrell - Barton Hill Academy, South West England and Lyndsey Knight - Langstone Junior School, South East England.
eTwinning project: THE RED ZONE: Isolated but connected! 

Teacher:  Lorraine Oldham 
School: King's Ely, East of England  
eTwinning project:Travelling with Literature 


Teacher: Helen Pronger 
School: Holy Trinity Pewley Down School, South East  
eTwinning project: CLIMATE CHANGE, How can we help? 

Teachers and schools: Lucy Tweedale - Little Hadham Primary School, East of England, Rebecca McKinstry - Carr's Glen Primary School, Northern Ireland, Markella Afenti-Sassis - Little Hadham Primary School, East of England. 
eTwinning project: The ABCD project - Achievement, Belief, Culture, Democracy.  

Teacher: Rony Ford 
School:  Stevenage ESC, East of England 
eTwinning project: CARE = Compassion, Appreciation, Respect & self-Esteem 

Teacher: Christelle Bernard 
School:  St Paul's High School, Northern Ireland 
eTwinning project: En route! 

Teachers and schools: Elaine Manton - Loreto Grammar School, North West and StevenHales - Rudham CofE Primary School, East of England 
eTwinning project: 'Countdown to the Tokyo Olympics 2020' 

Teacher: Laurence Laminie 
School:  Ashton Park School, South West 
eTwinning project: Fake News: le vrai du faux  

Teacher: Paula Bell 
School:  Barton Hill Academy, South West 
eTwinning project: Blitz'n'Pieces    

Teacher: Sarah Bruce 
School:  Hockerill Anglo-European College, South East 
eTwinning project: Super'euro'heroes to the Rescue! 


  • All Saints Church of England Primary School, East Midlands 
  • Barton Hill Academy, South West 
  • Bredon Hill Academy, West Midlands 
  • Craigholme School, South Western Scotland 
  • Edenderry Primary School, Northern Ireland 
  • Furness Academy, North West 
  • Gipsey Bridge Academy, East Midlands 
  • Holy Trinity Pewley Down School, South East 
  • King's Ely, East of England 
  • Lamlash Nursery School, South Western Scotland 
  • Lanchester Endowed Parochial Primary School,North East 
  • Loreto Grammar School, North West 
  • Mayflower Primary School, East Midlands 
  • Northampton High School, East of England 
  • Pendle Community High School and College, North West 
  • Poplars Farm Primary School, Yorkshire and The Humber 
  • Rudham CofE Primary School, East of England 
  • St Maria Goretti Primary RC School, South Western Scotland 
  • St Paul's High School, Northern Ireland 
  • Stockport School, North West 
  • The Academy at Shotton Hall, North East 
  • Victoria Infant and Nursery School, North West
  • Ysgol Hendrefelin,West Wales and The Valleys 

eTwinning, the digital community for schools has seen over 860,000 teachers from 44 countries across Europe and beyond register since 2005. The programme is funded by the European Commission as part of the Erasmus+ programme and is managed in the UK by the British Council. The eTwinning National Award is issued to schools that produce outstanding work as part of their eTwinning partnership.

Date: 27 November 2020
Venue: Microsoft teams
Prize winners: 
Conference hashtags: #eTuk20 and #eTw4climate.

eTwinning is a free and secure online network, where teachers from 44 countries can find partners, work on projects and enable pupil collaboration across any subject area. The conference programme provided eTwinning Ambassadors, teachers and other stakeholders with high quality professional development opportunities and networking opportunities which contribute directly to a teachers’ ability to collaborate with peers and schools in different countries. There have been more than 860,000 teacher registrations across Europe on  since the programme launched in 2005. The UK has reached approximately 30,000 UK teacher registrations and has seen over 12,400 projects from schools across all sectors and subject areas.

Through participating in eTwinning, schools can:

  • enrich learning and motivation of pupils and staff
  • access high quality professional development
  • raise standards across the whole school community.

eTwinning is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and is managed in the UK by the British Council. The British Council is the UK’s National Agency for Erasmus+, in partnership with Ecorys UK. 

Register on the pan European portal via    

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