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Global dialogues on the themes influencing international higher education.

What are Deep Dialogues?

Deep Dialogues are focused discussions between UK and international higher education stakeholders on the important themes shaping higher education around the globe.

Hosted in the UK, Deep Dialogues welcome delegates from around ten countries to explore the topics that are most relevant to their local needs and demands.

What do they aim to do?

By bringing international higher education stakeholders together for deep and meaningful discussions around specific topics, Deep Dialogues will support stronger international connections in areas of mutual interest.

They will also help to create international communities of practices around specific themes.

Who can participate?

Deep Dialogues are aimed at heads of agencies, and professional and regulatory bodies, as well as higher education practitioners and mid-level institutional leaders. 

Each event is by invitation only, and participation is managed by British Council country teams.

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Deep Dialogues are convened and managed by the British Council, and co-curated with UK and international sector experts.

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