FameLab Climate Change Communicators is a global online competition and training event to build trust in climate science. 

Audiences from all over the world tuned in and voted in the FameLab Climate Change Communicators Online Final on Tuesday 28 September 2021.

Audiences were educated, entertained and enthralled by our ten aspiring climate change communicators from Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines and Vietnam who each shared a three-minute talk linked to the theme ‘Trust in Climate Science’. 

The Winners 

  • Mexico representative Danny Daniels was crowned international champion with his winning talk on the soil-enriching benefits of vermicast - earthworm poop!
  • India’s Aditi Chandra and Brazil’s Emiliane Daher Pereira were awarded runner-up places while Minh Anh Le from Vietnam won the audience vote.

You can read more in this news article rounding up the Online Final and its outcomes.

Congratulations to all the finalists and thank you to everyone who tuned in and voted. 

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