Picture of winning FameLab Climate Change Communicators

A search for the next influential global voice on climate action has culminated in Mexico-based ‘eco-entrepreneur’ Danny Daniels named as top climate change communicator.  

  • Mexico representative Danny Daniels was crowned international champion at the British Council’s FameLab Climate Change Communicators competition
  • India’s Aditi Chandra and Brazil’s Emiliane Daher Pereira were awarded runner-up places while Minh Anh Le from Vietnam won the audience vote
  • Danny Daniels will now progress through to the FameLab International Online Final in November to compete against the national winners of FameLab competitions from 22 countries. 

Danny’s three-minute talk to explain the science and potential of worm technology impressed the trio of judges Alice Bell, Nadia El-Awady and Yadvinder Malhi who rated each presentation on the FameLab ‘three Cs’: content and clarity and charisma.

In his winning talk, Danny praised an unsung hero of the natural world: the humble earthworm and importantly, its excrement. He explained how earthworm poop can be used to develop rich fertiliser called vermicast. Developing a mass vermicast production model holds the potential help to phase out chemicals in agriculture and to recycle organic waste worldwide.

Exalting the benefits of vermicast, Danny said: ‘Earthworm poop is not gross, but the one that you and I need the most!’

Reacting to his competition victory, Danny said:

'I am humbled. This was an incredible group. Thank you to the judges, FameLab, the British Council, masterclass trainer Wendy Sadler - and everyone who has been with me so far on this journey. We will show the world how beautiful worm poop is!

The judges praised Danny for bringing the topic of soil science to life and his use of humour to keep audiences engaged.

Commenting on Danny’s talk, judge Alice Bell said:

‘Danny took us on a great big journey all the way back from Charles Darwin to the earthworms under our feet and made us care about worm poop – that’s an achievement!’ 

Judge Nadia El-Awady agreed:

‘Danny sold me on earthworms and the importance of soil in climate change’. 

Originally from Michigan, USA, 35-year-old Danny - who is bilingual in English and Spanish - has been based in Mexico for eight years and lives in the city of Puebla with his wife and four children.

Danny is part of a growing movement of ‘eco-entrepreneurs’ around the world who are on a mission to develop solutions to help address the climate crisis. Danny said:

‘There is nothing more urgent than finding solutions that are sustainable. My life is dedicated to creating a future where humanity and nature can co-exist by creating cleaner logistics, local productions, and circular economies.’  

Danny will now progress through to the FameLab International Online Final in November 2021, one of the world’s leading science communication competitions. 

FameLab Climate Change Communicators is one of many activities the British Council is delivering as part of The Climate Connection programme: the British Council’s global platform for dialogue, cooperation and action against climate change. 

Adrian Fenton, Senior Consultant in Public Engagement at the British Council said:  

‘It’s been a pleasure to lead the FameLab Climate Change Communicators project, providing a platform for these ten talented climate science communicators to share their work and climate action message with a global audience.’ 

‘We look forward to following Danny as he progresses to the FameLab International Online Final in November, which promises to be another fantastic science communication event held in partnership with Cheltenham Festivals.’ 

Scott McDonald, Chief Executive, British Council said:

‘The British Council is proud to support COP26’s aims to unite people around the world to tackle climate change. FameLab Climate Change Communicators has been a very welcome and exciting online initiative as part of The Climate Connection campaign, connecting global participants and audiences through climate science - with highly inspirational outcomes. Congratulations to the winners and all participants.’

Watch the Online Final and Results Show on the FameLab YouTube channel.

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