Still Moving Media, courtesy of Cheltenham Festivals 

In November 2021, finalists from FameLab competitions from 23 countries competed on the virtual stage to battle it out for the coveted title of global winner of the FameLab International Online Final 2021.

Alex Cloherty representing the Netherlands was crowned Champion. Her winning talk used the game of chess to illustrate how our immune system fights viruses like Dengue, HIV and SARS.

The two runners-up were Letago Kgomoeswana from South Africa and Samantha Nixon from Australia. Letago is a master's student in climatology at North-West University, South Africa and explained how local knowledge can lead to climate resilience.

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What is FameLab?

Could you inspire and educate a live audience about your work in science, technology, maths or engineering – in just three minutes? If so, why not take part in FameLab in your country.

FameLab is an international competition to find and support the world's most talented new science communicators. Participants have three minutes to win over the judges and audience with a scientific talk that excels for its content, clarity and charisma.

Cheltenham Festivals held the first FameLab in 2005. Its partnership with the British Council in 2007 took the competition global, and to date, more than 40,000 scientists and engineers have taken part.

This year's International Online Final marked the 15th and final FameLab International Competition delivered in partnership with the British Council. 

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