Basil Paterson Edinburgh , Edinburgh Full report 2019 (PDF 196KB)

Bath Academy, Bath Full report 2021 (PDF 217KB)

Bath College, Bath Full report 2022 (PDF 211KB)

Bayswater College, Bournemouth Full report 2023 (PDF 248KB)

Bayswater College, Brighton (formerly Stafford House School of English, Brighton), Full report 2021 (PDF 222KB)

Bayswater College, Liverpool Full report 2022 (PDF 212B), Spot check 2023 (PDF 108KB)

Bayswater College, London (formerly Eurocentres, London Full report 2021 (PDF 218KB)

Bayswater Summer (Including Language Study Centres), London Full report 2022 (PDF 233KB), Spot check 2023 (PDF 101KB)

Bede's Summer School, Hailsham, East Sussex Full report 2022  (PDF 266KB)

BEET Language Centre , Charminster, Bournemouth Full report 2022  (PDF 223KB)

Belfast Metropolitan College, Northern Ireland Full report 2018  (PDF 243KB), Compliance report 2023 (PDF 208B)

Bell Cambridge, Cambridge Full report 2018 (PDF 270KB), Compliance report 2023 (PDF 216KB)

Bell London, London Full report 2017  (PDF 330KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 81KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 214KB)

Bell Young Learners - seasonal multicentres (Head office - Cambridge) Full report 2019 (PDF 252KB)

Bell Young Learners - St Albans year round Hertfordshire Full report 2019 (PDF 227KB), Spot check 2023 (PDF 135KB)

Berlitz London, London Full report 2018  (PDF 346KB), 

Berlitz Manchester, Greater Manchester Full report 2019 (PDF 191KB), Spot check 2023 (PDF 132KB), Spot check 2023 - under 18s(PDF 117KB)

BEST in Bath, Bath Full report 2016 (PDF 329KB), Interim statement 2021(PDF 68KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 208KB) 

Bishopstrow College,Warminster Wiltshire Full report 2016 (PDF 328KB), Compliance report 2021 (PDF 234KB)

BLISS, Perth, Scotland (formerly Glenalmond College Language School in partnership with BLISS) Full report 2022 (PDF 212KB) 

BLS English, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Full report 2018 (PDF 417KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 83KB), Compliance report 2023 (PDF 233KB) 

Bournemouth City College, Bournemouth Full report 2020 (PDF 201KB), Spot check 2022 (PDF 123KB)

Bournemouth Language School, Bournemouth Full report 2023 (PDF 208KB) 

Bournemouth School of English (The), Bournemouth Full report 2022 (PDF 220KB) 

Bright School of English, Bournemouth, Full report 2019 (PDF 191KB)

Brighton Language College International, Brighton Full report 2018 (PDF 246KB) Compliance report 2023 (PDF 212KB)

Brighton Metropolitan College,  Brighton Full report 2018 (PDF 263KB)

Britannia English Academy, Manchester Full report 2023 (PDF 212KB)

Britannia School of English, London Full report 2019 (PDF 187KB)

British Learning Academy, London Full report 2023 (PDF 238KB)

British School of Marketing International, Bournemouth Full report 2020 (PDF 217 KB), Spot check 2023 (PDF 161KB)

British Summer School, (Head office West Sussex), Full report 2023 (PDF 251KB)

Broadstairs English Centre, Kent Full report 2019 (PDF 233KB) 

Brooke House College, Market Harborough, Leicestershire Full report 2019 (PDF 209KB)

Brunel University, Brunel Language Centre, Uxbridge Full report 2016 (PDF 335KB), Compliance report 2021 (PDF 210KB)

BSC Brighton Full report 2023 (PDF 214KB)

BSC Education Young Learners (Head office Birkenhead), Full report 2022 (PDF 270KB)

BSC London,Full report 2022 (PDF 232KB), Spot check 2023 (PDF 148KB)

BSC Manchester (including BSC Edinburgh) Full report 2022 (PDF 214 KB)

BSC YorkFull report 2022 (PDF 238 KB)

Bucksmore Education Multicentre (Head office - London) Full report 2017 (PDF 393KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 246KB)

Bucksmore Home Tuition(Formerly Bucksmore Homelingua), Head office London Full report 2017 (PDF 338KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 210KB)

Buckswood Overseas Summer School, East Sussex

Burlington School of English, London Full report 2018 (PDF 414KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 107KB)