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This project will produce a series of case studies from around the world that demonstrate the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the logistics of the finances behind climate funding. It will showcase examples of funds, projects and initiatives that have contributed to mitigating climate change and promoting sustainability though arts and culture.  

Contribution to knowledge 

This work will inform the policies and programmes of the British Council and Arts Council England (ACE) and support new knowledge exchange and collaboration in this area. It also builds on collaboration between ACE and Julie’s Bicycle that has embedded environmental reporting and planning into funding agreements and developed toolkits and learning resources. 


  • To draw on international examples of best practice from funders like public bodies, trusts and foundations and philanthropic organisations. 

  • To understand how these funders have built in reasonable sustainability requirements, how they have evaluated the environmental credentials of organisations bidding for funding, and how the funding they have awarded has aligned with their climate responsibility goals. 

  • To explore how successful bidders delivered work in a way that responded to both climate issues and environmental responsibility. 

  • To understand what challenges the funders faced in delivering the funding and to explore the funding methodologies and approaches utilised within the funds, as well as their outcomes. 

Contribution to climate action 

Good practice in climate innovation investment for arts and culture organisations goes beyond artistic practice and requires supporting meaningful action at all levels of arts and cultural organisations. This research responds to that need. It supports and complements previous research between the British Council and Julie’s Bicycle into how national cultural policy can strengthen the creative climate movement and mobilise action at scale. 


  • Arts Council England 

  • Wavehill 

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