Funded by the European Union and the Government of Turkey, the project Promoting Gender Equality in Education is promoting gender equality for girls and boys throughout the education system by helping teachers, schools and the ministry of education to understand gender equality, assess their schools’ capability and capacity to deliver on this and to ensure the curriculum and textbooks are free from gender bias. 

It’s not about being a man or a woman. It’s all about being a human.

The project has been implemented in 40 pilot schools: 13 high schools, 14 secondary schools, 10 primary schools and three pre-schools. 

It included developing tools to make the whole school gender-sensitive; developing recommendations to ensure gender equality by reviewing education policies, legislation, curricula and textbooks; training educators using specially-developed training packages and raising awareness about gender equality in different segments of society, starting from schools and their environs. 


• The project has been implemented in 40 pilot schools in 10 provinces, reaching approximately 8,000 educators directly (and 60,000 indirectly) and 12,000 students and 1,000 parents.

• Gender Sensitive School Standards, a systematic and user-friendly tool that will help promote and mainstream gender equality throughout the education system, have been developed.

• Findings of an analysis of school curricula have been shared with the Ministry Of Education and will be taken into account during the development of textbooks and materials in the future.

• 542 female educators have been trained as part of the ‘Leadership and Training for Female Teachers’ programme, with more than 98% of participants stating that the training had made them aware of the attitudes that a teacher or school principal should adopt in a gender-sensitive school or environment. 

• More than 22.9 million people were reached through social media.


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