In 2021, the New Narratives team put a call out for young artists from countries of Africa and the UK to submit project proposals that creatively interpret the New Narratives research as a way to disseminate the research and bridge the consumption gap amongst young people.

Ara Devine was one of the 12 selected artists commissioned to interpret the 158-page New Narratives report. With his grant, Ara produced a short film titled, The New North’.

The New North’ shows the lives of young people in Northern Ireland, who grew up after the Peace Process and are living with the legacy of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The short film follows four young people with various identities (LGBT+, Irish Nationalist background, British background, woman of colour) as an attempt to paint an accurate picture of life in Belfast today, 100 years after the creation of Northern Ireland, and the narratives that shape the public perception of life in the region