Co-creation is essential to the success of the New Narratives programme, so the Youth Advisory Board was formed! 

With the board, we are committing to the continuous engagement of young people throughout the design and delivery of the programme; a principle based on the ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ approach.

The board consists of eight young people from countries of Africa and the UK. They will provide advice, insight, and recommendations on matters relevant to the programme.​

How was the board chosen?

Through an elaborate application and selection process. Selected board members ticked off important criteria to the programme. They are: 

  • Young people aged 18-35 years from countries of Africa and the UK. 
  • Passionate about creating or deepening international connections and collaboration between the continent of Africa and the UK. 
  • Experienced in leadership and/or advisory roles for programmes or organisations. 
  • Influential in their communities as artists, activists, academics, entrepreneurs, influencers or technologists, etc.
  • Have significant online and offline networks.

 We look forward to co-creating with them! ​

Meet our board members:

Ebenezar Wikina, Nigeria

Ebenezar Wikina, Nigeria

Ebenezar has over 11 years of experience in media, youth development, and policy analysis. He founded Policy Shapers and currently serves as Advocacy Coordinator at PIND Foundation. He is also a member of the World Economic Forum Expert Network and International judge of the Association for International Broadcasting Awards based in London. 

Lucy Maycox, England

Lucy is a DPhil Candidate in International Relations. She holds an MPhil in International Relations and a BA in History from the University of Oxford. She is also an Economic and Social Research Council scholar with a specialisation in international gender policies in post-conflict contexts. Lucy sits on the Board of Trustees of FODAD - a Sri Lanka-based NGO supporting communities in Colombo and the surrounding area.

Maya Gadir, Sudan

Maya has over seven years of experience working in Media as a Radio Broadcaster of 'Capital Breakfast', the morning flagship show with the highest listenership for the first English radio station in Sudan Capital Radio 91.6FM. She empowers Sudanese ladies and young women through different projects and mentoring programs that raise their awareness to explore, discover and reach their true potentials.

Megan Mitchell, England

Megan is a Ph.D. researcher with UWE Bristol and Exeter University. She researches the role/s of independent cinemas in the age of on-demand culture in partnership with Watershed. As an independent film exhibitor with ten years in the sector, she is the Producer of Matchbox Cine and a recognised leader and champion of a more accessible film exhibition culture within the UK. 

Nahom Teklu, Ethiopia

Nahom Teklu, Ethiopia

Nahom is a multidisciplinary architect, environmental practitioner, and curator. He is the East Africa region representative Earth Champion for the COP26 IGAD's climate action initiative. Nahom promotes environmental conservation, youth engagement, inclusive planning, and innovative approaches towards change and transformation. 

Sophia El Bahja, Morocco

Sophia is a social entrepreneur in Education and Communication For Good, based in Morocco. She is also the Co-founder, Executive, and Operations Director at NoBox Lab, and the Co-founder, Creative, and Production Director at Tafanoun, a creative studio that promotes tolerance, empathy, and love through human-centric videos. She is working on her Ph.D. in Education and Technology.  

Sophie Amono, Scotland

Sophie Amono, Scotland

Sophie is the founder of Stuffs, a black-owned, woman-led creative studio that produces social media campaigns for brands across the UK and Europe. She has worked with big brands in contemporary communications, like Bulletproof, The Times, and NOT JUST A LABEL. She is also on the BIMA Inclusion & Diversity Council with a vision to drive change for creatives across the UK, with a keen focus on women and ethnic minorities within the media, digital, and technology industry.

Yandile Nuku, Botswana

Yandile Nuku, Botswana

Yandile's work focuses on three thematic areas: unemployment - reducing the skills mismatch between education and industry, Job creation - supporting SMEs with business growth,  and trade facilitation - improving inter-regional trade in Africa. She currently sits on the board for the Botswana National Youth Council, Africa Tech, and Creative group.