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British Council


November 2022


This report, now in its sixth edition, provides a snapshot analysis of where, at what level, and through what type of provision TNE students studied during the 2020−21 academic year. This report, published in partnership with UUKi, also includes detailed insights by region and country highlights to contextualise the data. 

Key findings 

  • In 2020–21, UK TNE was reported in 228 countries and territories, with 510,835 students studying via UK TNE – a 12.7% increase from the previous year. UK TNE numbers have grown across all regions at an overall higher growth rate than ever before.   
  • Asia continued to be the top host region for UK TNE students in 2020–21, with 252,845 students, it hosted 49.5% of the total. Asia was followed by the European Union (15.8%), the Middle East (13.8%), Africa (11.1%), North America (5.3%), non-EU Europe (3.4%), Australasia (0.6%), and South America (0.6%).  
  • China was the top host country for UK TNE (61,495 students; 12.0% of the total), followed by Malaysia (48,460; 9.5%), Sri Lanka (37,175; 7.3%), Singapore (27,875; 5.5%) and Egypt (23,805; 4.7%).  
  • Student numbers in the EU increased by 24,825 (+44.7%) between 2016–17 and 2020–21.

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