Published just days after the UK’s formal exit from the European Union, this report presents a comparison of the soft power of the UK and six other 'soft power superpowers' - China, Germany, India, Japan, Russia and the USA. 

At this crucial juncture in the UK’s history, soft power should be at the heart of policymakers’ thinking. Whether it’s securing vital new trade deals with friends old and new; renewing relations with European neighbours strained by Brexit; or securing global progress on climate change, soft power is becoming ever more important to the UK’s prosperity and international influence. 

The report rates the seven focus countries across twenty soft power ‘qualities statements’. These are the qualities that have been identified as underpinning attractiveness and trust. They include socio-cultural indicators like 'has world-leading universities' and 'has a free justice system', but also factors like whether a country is perceived as 'a force for good in the world' and is 'a global power'.

Across these metrics the UK performs well, coming first overall, but the analysis also identifies the threats to the UK’s market leading position, highlighting the areas where the UK lags behind the other focus countries and the risks the UK faces as it plots a new path in the world.