Next Generation Zimbabwe explores the attitudes, aspirations and needs of young people across the country. It looks at their views on the opportunities available to them, their interaction with family and friends, their values, and how they view Zimbabwe and its place in the world, specifically in light of the change following the 2017 election.

Based on the findings, the report provides recommendations from the Youth Task Force. They recommend: improvement of access and quality of education, increased accountability and inclusion of all young Zimbabweans in political processes, and a reformed media sector that is impartial and engaged with young Zimbabweans. 

About next generation

Next Generation is a global research programme initiated in countries that are experiencing a period of significant change, with the purpose of ensuring that young people’s voices are heard and their interests properly represented in decisions that will have lasting implications for their lives.

The research projects examine young people’s views around education, employment and lifestyle, as well as uncovering their hopes and fears for their country, their degree of international engagement and views on the wider world, and the values and beliefs that affect their lives.

  • Next Generation Zimbabwe report (Adobe PDF 3MB)