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We actively seek ways to build our evidence-base, learn from organisations and individuals around the world, and cultivate cross-sectoral partnerships, joy and curiosity ©

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The DICE global team is committed to action-learning and agile planning. We embrace constructive dialogue and generous, emotional and shared leadership. 

We actively seek ways to build our evidence-base, learn from organisations and individuals around the world and cultivate cross-sectoral partnerships, joy and curiosity.

These values are ‘live values’ and embedded in our strategy, programme design and delivery. They help guide how we work with one another and with our external partners. 

We strive to create a non-hierarchical leadership structure where our cross-disciplinary expertise in creative and inclusive economies and our unique life experiences together make DICE.   

Questions that inform our work:

  • how can the value system we wish to see and promote in the world match our ways of working? (This includes mutuality, co-design, creativity, constructive and generous dialogue)
  • how can the cultural relations remit that defines British Council’s also define how we work? What does cultural relations mean in a team?
  • how can we ‘yes, and’ each other, building upon one another’s ideas generously and constructively? 
  • how can we help one another find our professional purpose?
  • how can we support one another to develop skills that we’d like to hone?
  • how can we be constructively critical rather than destructively so?
  • what is the art and science of listening? How can we hone our listening abilities? How will doing so benefit our work?
  • what are the processes of co-design? How can we build the spaces and trust needed to experiment and fail?
  • what does generosity mean in a professional environment? What is the effect of another’s generosity on your ideas, or your well-being? What is the opposite of generosity? Does that have a constructive purpose?

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