A group of young people attending a British Council workshop in Milan

Mat Wright

Wider Europe is a diverse region comprising 15 countries, many with large and young populations and a GDP that varies between USD2 and USD250. The region is dynamic and ever-changing, with a real entrepreneurial spirit. Our global expertise in key sectors such as education, alongside our network of local staff, gives us an extensive understanding of the challenges facing the region and enables us to implement effective and sustainable change.

Creating opportunities through education

We are committed to improving and promoting global education. Our EU Scholarships Scheme has enhanced the professional capacity of the Kosovo public administration by offering post-graduate scholarship opportunities in EU matters to students and civil servants in Kosovo.

We have enhanced Vocational Education and Training in Azerbaijan by designing and implementing market-led curricula in tourism. All participating students gained employment immediately after completing their studies and employers are still engaging with the school and the ministry of education.

Capacity building and reform

We work directly with a variety of institutions and ministries to develop capacity and increase efficiency in the region. Our work in the Public Sector Capacity Building Phase II project, funded through the Danish Bilateral Assistance to Croatia programme, facilitated Croatia’s accession to the EU. We worked with several ministries, establishing frameworks and strategies to bring their administration in line with EU member countries. Our learning from such activity is invaluable as we continue to work with other pre-accession Western Balkan countries

Skills and learning

Through collaboration with the European Institute of Public Administration and the College of Europe our work on the European Integration Scholarships project provided training courses and internships on European legislation and the integration process to over 180 public administration workers and three-month internships in EU countries to 29 Serbian civil servants.

Our offices

We have offices in Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.