British Council


We managed the FCDO funded 21st Century Schools Programme in Western Balkans focused on training, teaching and learning material across 6 education systems and introduced innovative activities. An independent study has shown that the programme had positive impact on vulnerable students, including girls from disadvantaged families. 

The programme has extended visibility of the UK’s innovation, creativity, and technology to new audiences (school leaders, teachers, students, and parents). A report on the Regional Cooperation Council Mapping of gender-related policies, programmes and mechanisms on gender disparity in STEM in Western Balkans highlights 21st century schools as a successful example of integrating gender into education to promote STEM.

Civil Society

The FCDO funded Western Balkans Media for All programme embedding gender sensitive approaches working with media outlets to address gender equality into day-to-day editorial and business development practices. We piloted mentoring for women media professionals, undertook research with outlets to identify policy gaps, then developed or adapted policies with the outlet, including discussions on how these would be applied, and worked with nascent and/or stalled networks of women media professionals to re-establish them on a more sustainable basis. This has led to increased confidence and support for women media professionals; increasing coverage of gender equality related, and gender sensitive content; and better protections for women working in the media. We have just won the second phase of the programme.