British Council Active Citizens programme - a group of women from the Middle East sat down learning

British Council Active Citizens

We have a strong track record of delivering cross-regional programmes that use innovative solutions and best practice from around the world. We focus on:  

  • bringing together practitioners from around the globe to overcome the challenges facing governments and societies 
  • delivering projects that actively encourage inter- and intra-cultural dialogue and learning 
  • drawing on a global track record of successful delivery to identify what really works when tackling cross-regional development challenges
  • building innovation into all our solutions

Our cross-regional projects and programmes cover sectors including governance, voice and accountability; security and justice reform; primary, secondary, further and higher education; vocational education and skills; public administration reform; and large scholarship programmes. 

Raising standards in Education

The DelPHE programme is funded by DFID and managed by the British Council. It has funded 200 partnerships between UK and other Northern Hemisphere higher education institutions and analogous institutions in 22 countries within Asia and Africa.

Their joint research has focused on delivering the UN’s Millennium Development Goals and covers a range of academic disciplines including Health, IT, Science, Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability. 

All partnerships had common goals to strengthen research capacity, improve teaching, address gender issues and support the sustainable development of the target countries.

Sustainable change through collaboration

Our global Active Citizens programme works in partnership with civil society organisations to build trust and understanding within and across communities. Key themes include citizenship education, rights and equality, conflict resolution and climate change. 

So far, Active Citizens has reached over 80,000 individuals across 30 countries through workshops, training, exchanges and international study visits.

The Skills for Employability programme focuses on building strong relationships with industry and employers, governments and training providers in the UK and around the world. Through policy dialogue and conferences we share the challenges and solutions faced by international education and training systems.