Yanni Kronenberg

Higher Education

In the Philippines our Access and Competitiveness through Internationalisation of Higher Education (ACT-IHE) in partnership with the Commission on Higher Education, Government of Philippines (CHED) aims to widen the access of learners to quality higher education and to build the competitiveness of Filipino universities.


Girls Education

We are managing the FCDO ASEAN UK Promoting Women and Girls Education in Southeast Asia - a new UK funded programme offering some of the most marginalised women and girls in Southeast Asia a better future by boosting access to a quality education. Funding will go towards improving the quality of education for women and girls by prioritising teaching basic reading and maths skills to unlock their full potential.

https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-uk-funding-to-boost-education- opportunities-for-women-and-girls-in-southeast-asia

Civil Society

Through the FCDO funded project Sone Sie, the British Council works with civil society on issue-based projects, such as working with a local women and child rights organisation examining opportunities for nonpartisan inter-ethnic collaboration. In Philippines managing the EU funded GoJust programme we are working through CSOs to enable vulnerable people to understand their legal and human rights. In Sri Lanka through the EU funded Supporting Effective Dispute Resolution programme we are working with CSOs on mediation of conflicts, including through a national mediation awareness campaign.