British Council Community Legal Services programme - a man offering a woman in Bangladesh legal advice

Colin Jacobs

The British Council is the UK’s cultural relations organisation. We work to create opportunities for and to build trust between countries and people worldwide. This gives us a unique remit, which means we draw on a breadth of experience, influence and expertise when it comes to creating innovative, cost-effective solutions for embedding and sustaining change. We have an established track record in international development of delivering projects in education, skills, the public sector, civil society and justice. 


Working with networks and partners at all levels of society we support the implementation of positive change. We break down silos and bring people from different backgrounds together to discuss issues of shared interest and to work together to find sustainable solutions to development issues.


Our longstanding presence on the ground in over 100 countries worldwide has given us an intimate understanding of local contexts. Through this knowledge, gained from daily interaction with a range of people and institutions, we adapt our approach and methodologies to suit different contexts, ensuring positive solutions for sustainable change. 


Our demonstrated commitment to the countries and territories we work in, including conflict-affected and fragile states, has enabled us to become trusted partners for international development. Through relationships based on trust, we can offer continuity in unstable contexts and provide solutions that work.

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