Aptis Remote on the day of your test

You might feel a bit nervous about your Aptis test. So that things go as smoothly as possible for you, we've put together some information to help you understand what to expect on the day of your test and things you must remember to do.

  • Use a private testing area – Sit upright in an area where other people won’t talk and cannot pass behind you.
  • Turn off all noise-making devices – Remove mobile phones from the room. Any sound from a mobile device may cause the supervisor to contact you about it as a potential infringement.
  • Ensure your face is clearly visible – Hair, sunglasses, hats or anything that covers your face can cause your test to be flagged for low integrity. Eyeglasses are accepted.
  • Close all applications – The only application open during the session should be the TestReach software. Do not take screenshots, this will cause the supervisor to contact you about it as a potential infringement.
  • Sit directly in front of your webcam – Make sure to stay in the middle of the webcam's view. Leaving the frame or looking away from the computer screen may cause the supervisor to contact you about it as a potential infringement.
  • Ensure proper lighting – Sit in a consistently well-lit room with as plain a background as possible.

Test duration

You should always allow 15 minutes before the test so that you can set up your test environment and complete the system check. The total duration of the Aptis test depends on the components you are taking. The maximum allowed time for each component for Aptis General is: 

Grammar and vocabulary: 25 minutes

Speaking 12 minutes

Writing: 50 minutes

Reading: 35 minutes

Listening: 40 minutes 

The timings for some components may differ if you are taking other variants such as Aptis Advanced or Aptis for Teachers. Please check the pages for each variant for more information

Checking your identification documents

Your identity will be checked on the day of the test. Please ensure you have a valid ID.

Valid forms of ID include passport, identity card and biometric residence permit only if a photo is included. Your ID must contain your full name and a photo of yourself on the same side.

Invalid or expired IDs will not be accepted. If you cannot provide a valid ID, you will not be able to sit the test.

Actions not allowed during your test

Actions or behaviours not permitted during your test include but are not limited to:

  • cheating of any kind
  • answering or checking your phone during the test
  • allowing another person to enter your test space
  • looking away from your computer screen for an extended period
  • recording and taking screenshots of the test questions
  • copying and pasting, and visiting another website during the test
  • having food or drinks
  • having any other electronic devices
  • having personal items such as wallet, sunglasses and other items not necessary for testing.

At the end of your test

In order to complete your test successfully you need to make sure that you have submitted your test and have clicked on the “logout” button to ensure you stop the connection between yourself and the supervisor.

Your results

Your results will be available within 5 days after the test has been taken and successfully uploaded. They will be sent to you by your test centre.