Once your test has been registered by the administrator, you will receive two confirmation emails explaining the test process – three weeks before and five days before your test. Please get in touch with your test centre if you do not receive emails from us. 

At least three days before your scheduled test day you will need to prepare and set up your test environment and computer, download the TestReach software and complete the onboarding process. 

Here's a checklist of what you need to do as part of pre-test set up:


Set up your test environment

At least three days before your scheduled test day you will need to:

  • set up the area where you will be taking the test 
  • prepare your valid identification document (ID)
  • familiarise yourself with the actions not allowed during the test.

How to set up your test environment

Make sure your room is suitable for your test day:

  • Choose a quiet private space with a comfortable desk, chair and appropriate lighting. 
  • Sit directly in front of your computer screen and webcam to ensure you are always clearly visible.Turn off and put away your mobile phone.

Check your system setup, close all applications and windows on your computer that are not needed for the test.

Set up your computer

At least three days before your scheduled test day you will need to ensure your computer meets the minimum system requirements so that it will work during the test.

What are the system requirements?

The test must be taken on a computer only. Mobile devices are not permitted. 

Please ensure that all the system requirements below have been checked and are functioning correctly.  

  • A laptop or computer running the following operating system versions: Windows v7.0+ (64-bit version), MacOS 10.10+, MacOS BigSur 11.3+. 
    Mobile phones, tablets, Chromebooks, or Surface Pros cannot be used.
  • Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and 4GB RAM. 
  • A working microphone, laptop speakers or headset with built-in microphone.
  • Internet speed of 2.4 Mbps but 2 Mbps is satisfactory. 
  • A screen size of at least 13" and a resolution of 1024 x 768.3 is recommended. 

We strongly recommend candidates to use a wired headset with built in microphone that connects to the computer using either a USB or 3.5mm jack cable connector. Wireless headsets or mobile phone earbuds with built in microphones are not recommended.

Download TestReach and complete system check

Download TestReach

  • Before you start the onboarding process you must first download and install TestReach. 
  • Check your environment and computer setup. 
  • Download the TestReach application from https://download.testreach.com/ 
  • Follow the instructions to download the installer and perform a system check. 

Complete the system check

The system check involves performing the system check of your internet connection, video, screensharing capability, speakers and microphone. You need to complete all steps successfully in order to be able to take your test on the scheduled day. You will use your access code both for the system check and for your test. 

Receive your access code

Three weeks before your test you will be emailed live access code for your test. You will use the code both for the system check and for your test. You will not be able to start your test before your test date and time, and after performing the system check you can just close the TestReach application.

An access code is unique to each candidate to identify you and the components you are sitting. 

You should write down your access code provided in the email as you will not have access to your email during the test.

If you haven’t received your access code three weeks before your test, please get in touch with your test centre.