Aptis Remote Prepare page

How Aptis Remote works 

Aptis Remote offers a new way of secure testing. It combines the benefits of online testing with live remote invigilation to ensure a secure experience and reliable results. Aptis Remote has the same format, structure and timing as a standard Aptis test. 

Aptis Remote is delivered using the TestReach platform. Candidates will be monitored by live supervisors over the Internet and connected to them by video, audio, remote screen share and instant messaging to ensure good communications and security. With TestReach, both the online exam and the invigilation are in one application.

How we ensure security 

On the test day, candidates will be connected to a supervisor who will carry out an identity check, monitor the behaviour of candidates and make notes of any suspicious or prohibited items or behaviours. These additional levels of security ensure accuracy of results with a fast turnaround.