Will a teddy or a dice help to break the ice? Free resources posted to your school.

Kick start your international project with free, ready-made resources.

UK teachers who register an eTwinning project before 1 December 2018 will receive a free project starter pack in the post.


  1. If you have yet to do so, register for free to eTwinning
  2. Follow the step by step guide here
  3. Download our eTwinning teddy bear project guide to copy and paste.
  4. AND / OR download our eTwinning dice project guide to copy and paste.
  5. Please note that you will need to add the words "teddy" or "dice" to your project title to let us know that you would like us to post a ready-made starter project pack straight to your school. The pack includes an eTwinning teddy or an eTwinning dice, eTwinning homework challenge poster, 30 x webcam covers and 30 x passport challenges for the whole class to use in their first international project - while stocks last. Each resource is designed to help you get an international project started with pre-prepared, cross-curricular homework challenges spanning key stages one to five.


Check out this intructional video to see how to structure your own eTwinning project space. See sample TwinSpace here.

Project Guides

Download our step-by-step project guides designed to help you get started with your eTwinning project:

Guides for using eTwinning

These resources are designed to help you get to know the eTwinning programme and navigate the eTwinning portal easily:

eTwinning National Conference 2018 - Presentations

View all the workshop presentations from this year's eTwinning National Conference. Topics include: shared heritage, VR, internationalisation, migration, using technology outdoors and Erasmus+ funding opportunities.

Get some recognition for your project in the local press

International activity, particularly involving young people, can provide interesting stories for the media, and eTwinning offers lots of opportunities for this. Whether you’re involved in a European partnership, or a recipient of a prestigious eTwinning Quality Label, showcase your great work to your community. There is good scope for you to secure coverage in local and regional media for your activity.

Download these documents to help you do just that:

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