0919 eTwinning Culture in a box resource
Start an eTwinning project before 27 October - we will post free 'Culture in a Box' resources to your school! 

Start an eTwinning project before 27 October - we will post free 'Culture in a Box' resources to your school! 


With more than 670,000 teachers from all over Europe collaborating on the eTwinning platform, it's a good time to introduce the world to your classroom. eTwinning offers you and your class a free, secure online collaboration tool so that you can:

  • make a lasting impact on your pupils' learning by designing and running exciting curriculum related classroom projects with schools in over 40 countries
  • access world-class, free and funded online and face-to-face professional development opportunities, taking place in locations across Europe and neigbouring countries
  • showcase your school's amazing work to your local community, UK-wide and beyond
  • gain recognition through accreditation for your project work

To usher in the new 2019-20 academic year, and in the spirit of the eTwinning theme of 2019 - Democratic Participation - the British Council are giving away free classroom resources to UK teachers to help kick start an international project. Culture in a Box is a ready-made, easy-to-run project, making it easy for your class to exchange aspects of UK culture with that of another school in one (or more) eTwinning countries. The resource is designed to help you to kick start an international project with pre-prepared, cross-curricular activities spanning key stages one to five.


To receive your free 'Culture in a Box' resource all you need to do is:

  1. If you haven't already done so, register on the eTwinning platform now.
  2. Use our quick start guide to help get you find a partner school. 
  3. Download our step-by-step Culture in a Box project kit and register a new project. Be sure to include 'Culture in a Box' within the project title or within the details, so that we know to post the classroom resources to your school. The resources are designed to support your project and include pens, colouring pencils, an eTwinning Teddy (with its own resource backpack) and more!
  • British Council eTwinning 'Culture in a box' project kit (Adobe PDF 602KB)
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    Get some recognition for your project in the local press

    International activity, particularly involving young people, can provide interesting stories for the media, and eTwinning offers lots of opportunities for this. Whether you’re involved in a European partnership, or a recipient of a prestigious eTwinning Quality Label, showcase your great work to your community. There is good scope for you to secure coverage in local and regional media for your activity.

    Download these documents to help you do just that:

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