Download travelling ted's winter trip project kit 

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eTwinning travelling Ted is off on a winter excursion to visit his eTwinning partner school. Your class are tasked with helping to decorate his holiday home, to choose what he will need to take in his back-pack and to make some gifts for him to bring to your partner school.

This easy to run project comes with a pre-prepared project kit with cross-curricular activities ideally for pupils aged 3-11 (although it can be used to start or inspire a project with any age group).


To start your eTwinning journey all you need to do is:

  1. If you haven't already done so, register on the eTwinning platform now.
  2. Use our quick start guide to help find yourself a partner school. 
  3. Download the travelling Ted winter excursion project kit and folllow the step-by-step guide.

You'll find other eTwinning guides and project kits below.

Guides for using eTwinning

These resources are designed to help you get to know the eTwinning programme and navigate the eTwinning portal easily:

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Get some recognition for your project in the local press

International activity, particularly involving young people, can provide interesting stories for the media, and eTwinning offers lots of opportunities for this. Whether you’re involved in a European partnership, or a recipient of a prestigious eTwinning Quality Label, showcase your great work to your community. There is good scope for you to secure coverage in local and regional media for your activity.

Download these documents to help you do just that:

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