The Erasmus + programme offers support to schools and colleges across the UK through a variety of different projects.

As the successor programme to the Lifelong Learning Programme (which included Comenius), Erasmus+ will continue to enable UK education institutions to access funding for exciting and innovative projects in all areas of education and training.

eTwinning is the European Commission’s online partner finding and collaboration space. As part of the Erasmus + programme, it can be your first step to Mobility Key Action 1 and Strategic Partnerships Key Action 2. As a teacher in a school or college, you can search for partners, engage in online partnerships and carry out projects within a secure platform - free of charge.

Key Action 1 - Mobility for school staff

UK schools and colleges can apply for funding to support the professional development of teachers, school leaders and other school education staff. These include teaching assignments and staff training abroad, including structured courses and training events, job shadowing and observations in a partner school. Find out more via Erasmus+ UK.


Key Action 2 - Co-operation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices

UK schools and colleges can apply for funding to run collaborative projects aimed at improving all aspects of education. Called ‘Strategic Partnerships’ they can last for 2 or 3 years and activities could include - Training, teaching and learning activities such as joint project work between groups of pupils, long-term study mobility of pupils, joint staff training events and teaching and training assignments. Find out more via Erasmus+ UK.

There are three steps to take on eTwinning before applying for Erasmus+ mobility funding:

  1. Register to
  2. Search and connect with a partner teacher who is ready tp start an Erasmus+ project (you can indicate this on your eTwinning teachers desktop profile)
  3. Register an eTwinning project with your prospective Erasmus+ partner.

If you would like some help at any stage of your eTwinning journey, you can sign up to one of our training webinars, or we can arrange for an experienced eTwinning teacher and ambassador to carry out some face-to-face training. There are also lots of free online and funded face-to-face European professional development workshops that you can apply for through eTwinning.  

The National Support Service for eTwinning in the UK is the British Council, who will support you through your journey.