As part of the Erasmus+ programme, eTwinning can be an important part of Erasmus+ as it is the easiest way for teachers to find and get to know partners whom they can then apply for funding with. The eTwinning platform can also be used to securely host, support and share Erasmus+ project work - all for free!

Erasmus+ offers schools funding for life-changing international activities.  

Through Erasmus+:

  • pupils can take part in international exchanges and study experiences - to develop new skills, raise their aspirations and gain vital international experience
  • staff can teach, train or job shadow abroad - to develop their professional practice, build relationships with international peers and gain fresh ideas
  • schools can collaborate with international partners - to drive innovation, share best practice, and offer new opportunities to young people.

The funding is open to UK schools and colleges providing general, vocational or technical education to pupils aged 3–18 years. Schools can apply individually, or as a consortium. The funding covers support for participants with disabilities or special educational needs. 

Brexit update (last updated on 9 January 16:20)

On 8 January 2020, MPs voted against New Clause 10 being read a second time, by 344 votes to 254. According to the House of Commons, ‘This new clause would have required the Government to seek to negotiate continuing full membership of the EU’s Erasmus+ education and youth programme.’

The Erasmus+ programme runs from 2014 – 2020. The 2020 Call for applications is not affected by the vote in Parliament on 8 January 2020. UK organisations can apply as normal for funding in advance of the 2020 application deadlines.

The next Erasmus programme covers the period 2021 – 2027. On 9 January 2020 a Department for Education spokesperson said: “The Government is committed to continuing the academic relationship between the UK and the EU, including through the next Erasmus+ programme if it is in our interests to do so. The vote [on 8 January] does not change that. As we enter negotiations with the EU, we want to ensure that UK and European students can continue to benefit from each other’s world-leading education systems.”

Find out more via Erasmus+ schools funding.

Read the 2019 eTwinning book, featuring the award winning eTwinning - Erasmus+ project 'SPARKS' (page 20). The project focused on students learning, researching and exploring the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

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Watch these short films to see how UK schools from across all education sectors have supported their Erasmus+ project through eTwinning.


It’s a good idea to register with eTwinning before you apply for Erasmus+ funding. As a teacher in a school or college, eTwinning enables you to search for potential Erasmus+ partners from schools across Europe, engage in online partnerships and carry out projects within a secure platform - free of charge.  

  1. Register on Please note that your login details will also work on the School Education Gateway, where you can also find staff professional development and strategic partnership opportunities that qualify for Erasmus+ funding.
  2. Search and connect with a partner teacher who is ready to start an Erasmus+ project (you can indicate this on your eTwinning teachers desktop profile). Register an eTwinning project with your prospective Erasmus+ partner (which will also secure the foundation level of the International School Award for your school).
  3. Apply for Erasmus+ funding for your project.


For the latest information, please visit the Erasmus+ Brexit update page.

Contact us via Tell us that you would like us to arrange for a fully funded workshop at your school, or at a suitable location in your region and we will send a local eTwinning ambassador to help kick-start your eTwinning-Erasmus+ international journey.

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