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eTwinning is an important stepping stone towards Erasmus+ participation - is now the largest teachers’ network in the world. 

As part of the Erasmus+ programme, eTwinning can be a first step towards Erasmus+ funded projects as it is the easiest way for teachers to find, get to know partners whom they can then apply for funding with. The eTwinning platform can then be used to host and support an Erasmus+ project.

Register to and start a trial project with these free map and homework resources

To help you use eTwinning to support your Erasmus+ project, we have produced some a project template and step by step video tutorial with free map and homework resources to download, which are designed across all key stages and subject areas to help you kick-start your first international project. Find out more on our resources page.

Erasmus+ Brexit update

The UK Government has stated publicly that the United Kingdom is committed to continuing full participation in the Erasmus+ programme up until we leave the European Union. The Government has now agreed a fair financial settlement with the EU enabling it to move to the next stage of negotiations. With the caveat that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”, in principle the UK will continue to benefit from all EU programmes, including Erasmus+, until the end of the current budget plan (2014-2020). The UK is taking part in Erasmus+ as normal in 2018. If you or your partners need any reassurance, please visit the Erasmus+ Brexit update page.

See how these eTwinning projects led to Erasmus+ funding


It’s a good idea to start eTwinning before any funding application is made. As a teacher in a school or college, eTwinning enables you to search for potential Erasmus+ partners from schools across Europe, engage in online partnerships and carry out projects within a secure platform - free of charge.  

  1. Register on Please note that your login details will also work on the School Education Gateway, where you can also find staff professional development and strategic partnership opportunities for KA1 and KA2 activities.
  2. Search and connect with a partner teacher who is ready to start an Erasmus+ project (you can indicate this on your eTwinning teachers desktop profile).
  3. Register an eTwinning project with your prospective Erasmus+ partner (which will also secure the foundation level of the International School Award for your school).

The Erasmus+ application deadlines for schools are on the Erasmus+ funding deadlines webpage. You can start your eTwinning project at any time before you apply for an Erasmus+ project.

Contact us via Tell us that you would like us to arrange for a fully funded workshop at your school, or at a suitable location in your region and we will send a local eTwinning ambassador to help kick-start your eTwinning-Erasmus+ international journey.

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