This event took place on Wednesday 10 February 2021. The recording is now available on this page.

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About the webinar

Safer Internet Day was celebrated on 9 February, on the theme of 'An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world'.

The internet gives young people access to a world of information, but how can teachers ensure that pupils are using the internet safely and know how to critically assess the source and content of what they access, for example, how to identify fact from opinion online?

We heard from teachers around the world on how they have worked to ensure that young people are informed on safe internet use, in a time when many schools have moved to remote learning with less face-to-face classroom supervision.

About the panel

This was a panel event, with speakers from around the world, followed by questions from the audience.

Will Gardner is CEO of Childnet International, a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre. He discussed online reliability, the theme of Safer Internet Day 2021 and shared practical activities that teachers can use to explore this topic with pupils and help develop online critical thinking and social media literacy.

Ahmad Jradi has taught Physics and ICT since 2010. He was promoted to ICT Coordinator in 2012 and IBDP Program Coordinator at The National Evangelical Institute for Girls and Boys in Sidon, Lebanon. Alongside his career, Ahmad was validated as a teacher trainer for the British Council in 2012, and promoted to Leader Trainer in 2016. He is also a British Council Schools Ambassador. One of Ahmad’s latest projects is to develop and organise an online learning system for his school. The safety of students and school security were the main concerns in preparation of the project. You can contact Ahmad at or follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Triin Toomesaar is an alumna of Noored Kooli (member of Teach For All network), and has worked as an Executive Director of Estonian anti-bullying foundation Kiusamisvaba Kool (Bullying-Free School) since 2015. In Estonia, there are now approximately 100 schools (20% of Estonian schools) using the evidence- and science-based anti-bullying program KiVa to both prevent and tackle bullying effectively. When working as a teacher, Triin also had the chance to implement the KiVa program in one of the 20 schools in the first Estonian KiVa cohort, so she has first-hand knowledge and experience in how the program works. You can follow Triin on Twitter here.

Anne Davidson has been teaching for 24 years in Primary State and Private schools in the UK and International schools in Hong Kong. Anne believes in delivering a rich, enquiry-based curriculum focusing on skill development across all subjects. She is a keen user of creative technology throughout the curriculum. Throughout her career, Anne has held various positions such as Head of Year/ Key Stage. She is currently Head of Digital and Enquiry Mindset Curriculum at Thomas’s Clapham which is a private Prep school for children from Reception to Year 8 in London. You can find links to the online safety resources and tips shared by Anne during her session here.

Bhavna Gupta began her teaching career in 1995, teaching English in secondary schools. She later joined a social project, Teach India, teaching English and employability skills to young adults from marginalised communities and is now working with the British Council as a Freelance Consultant on teacher education projects in multiple states across India. Bhavna has a keen interest in promoting equitable and inclusive education and digital citizenship. Presently, she is creating structured programmes on digital citizenship for pupils and gender sensitivity for teachers in alignment with the National Education Policy 2020. She runs these programmes independently through her startup called ‘Learning Sutra-LifeLong Learning’. You can contact Bhavna at or follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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