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The Creative Spark Higher Education Enterprise Programme aims to drive enterprise skills of young entrepreneurs in targeted countries to help them create their own career paths or start their own business. The programme brings together universities and creative organisations from the UK and seven partner countries to develop new modern curriculum materials, courses or platforms to prepare young students for the market and equip them with creative 21st century skills. 

Over the last 4 years, the British Council`s Creative Spark Programme has worked with over 132 universities and creative organisations and enabled the establishment of 23 creative hubs in the institutions involved from the programme countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Current opportunity

We are now aiming to develop the capacity of the creative hubs established in Wider Europe region under Creative Spark Programme and are seeking proposals from UK organisations for the delivery of the Creative Hubs Training and the UK Visit Programme. This offer is open to relevant UK organisations and aims to improve the knowledge and skills of creative hub professionals on hub/incubator management to establish sustainable systems in programme countries. The selected service supplier will be expected to deliver an online training programme and curate a UK Creative Hubs Visit for selected group of hub leads/professionals

How to apply

If you are interested in participating in this tender, please register your supplier details on the In-Tend supplier portal to get access to details and receive our tender invitation


The deadline to submit proposals via the In-Tend supplier portal is Friday 10 June 2022.

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Creative Spark is part of the British Council’s Going Global Partnerships programme. Going Global Partnerships builds stronger, more inclusive, internationally connected higher education and TVET systems. Find out about our work and the grant calls and other opportunities we offer.