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Mat Wright

This opportunity is now closed. The information below is for reference purposes only.


Youth are Africa’s greatest asset. Africa’s youth population is rapidly growing and expected to double to over 830 million by 2050. If properly harnessed, this increase in the working age population could support increased productivity and stronger, more inclusive economic growth across the continent.

In response to this need, the British Council has developed and designed the Innovation for African Universities (IAU) project to foster the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within universities and facilitate the development of skills required to build industries, companies, products and services. The project is designed to support the development of Africa – UK University Partnerships that build institutional capacity for HE engagement in entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems in selected African countries.

About this opportunity

The overarching programme objective is to strengthen the capacity of universities and increase their capability to participate and provide meaningful contributions as key players within the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Programme delivery will be structured into five components, the details of which are outlined in our Terms of Reference.

The British Council is now inviting applications from universities in the UK and SSA to submit proposals for the role of Centre of Excellence as outlined in Component 1, as detailed in the Terms of Reference.

This opportunity is open to joint applications involving one UK and one Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) university, each with expertise in designing and delivering activities that support entrepreneurship engagement by students, graduates and faculty.  These two selected institutions will comprise the Centre of Excellence and will jointly implement the components of the IAU.

The Centre of Excellence will receive a grant of £700,000 which they will be expected to use for implementing IAU activities.

Over the programme lifecycle, the selected institutions will engage, interact and learn from each other and convene and manage a network of 20 - Universities, enterprise support organisations and other key ecosystem players as outlined in Component 2.

For full details about the opportunity, expected programme outputs, deliverables, roles and responsibilities, please refer to the Terms of Reference.

Who can apply?

This opportunity is open to universities from the following countries:

  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • UK

For a full overview of eligibility criteria, please refer to the Terms of Reference.

Clarification session

A clarification session took place on Wednesday 10 February, in which the project team answered clarification questions about the opportunity.

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Applications are now closed for this opportunity.